Face the ChildrenPhilippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Eugene Lance D

Years at FTC - 14 years

Eugene Lance D

 *Note: this is a special sponsorship which also funds an individual cretaker for Eugene. Eugene had a Pediactric Assesment as was diagnosed that his site would not return, and that he has slight autism. Eugene was severely neglected during his primary years and, before coming to Face the Children, he was never taught to properly communicate or take care of himself

Eugene "LanLan" Diaz was born to Leona, his mother who was a victim of abandonment. As her younger sister says, "Leona never received anything from that man; no letters, nothing, nothing; After a long time Leona met another man, got married, and was blessed with a baby girl. But in 1998, a tragic incident happen when Leona was stabbed to death by a drug addicted man. After this incident Leona's husband left, leaving Lanlan, who was then 3 years old, in the care of a distant relative.

However, due to poverty, this became a serious problem between the new guardian couple. Lanlan was an "added burden," and became the subject of quarrels. Later, Lanlan was transferred to a living quarters unsuitable for humans, in the middle of a small field. He was not tended to properly, not fed well or regularly, and endured years of deprivation and aloneness. He became sickly and malnourished, and this may have been the cause of his total blindness.

In 2006 Frontline staff became aware of LanLan, and in only a matter of days acquirred custody of him. Since then he has grown, developed, and undergone several surguries to repair problems in his digestive system. Though he is healthier now, and can still learn, much time was lost in formative years, and his blindness has been diagnosed as irreversible.

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