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The Problem

The root of the problem may be poverty; the fruit is varied, wide-spread, and heart breaking. Estimates for street children in the Philippines are as high as 1.5 million nationwide. These are children of all ages, male and female. Children who roam the the streets, sleep on sidewalks, in alleyways, fields, marketplaces, or in parked vehicles; children who will never attend school, and are subject to a host of physical, mental, and psychological problems; children who daily face real dangers of predation by sex offenders, sex traffickers, and criminal elements.

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What We're Doing

At Face the Children (FTC) we are rescuing abandoned, abused, and dangerously neglected children. Our first objective is to get them out of harms way; and that means off the streets. To meet this objective, we have established facilities for the protection, full time care, and ongoing development of the children we reach, and that are successfully placed into the FTC program. These include an entry point for all new children called the "Interim Center," boarding homes (at a different location) for children who stabilize and progress, and even our own K-12 school (Frontline Christian Academy). These facilities are all part of a four-step strategy for the complete rehabilitation and future success of the FTC children we serve.

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What You Can Do

** You can help by investing in a child through a monthly pledge. A standard child pledge is US$40.00 each month. However, if you read our FTC-FAQ Sheet you will learn that larger monthly commitments are allowed and welcome, up to a certain amount.

** You can help by praying regularly for the child you are pledged to. You will receive communications from Face the Children, and the child you sponsor personally, every 6 weeks.

** You can write and encourage your FTC Child anytime. Particularly at special times of the year like birthdays or holidays.

** You can also visit your FTC Child in the Philippines at the Frontline Ministry Center. More information on rules and regulations of visits can be found on the FTC-FAQ Sheet.

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